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Sony Playstation Hockey League

6v6 Hockey League

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Rule discussion guidelines

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1Rule discussion guidelines Empty Rule discussion guidelines on Mon 09 Nov 2015, 9:07 am


This section is to give the player a chance to form the league to their liking. This is not a complaint thread or a place to attack. All aggressive posts will be deleted and ignored.

Any rule discussions will take place in stages.

Stage 1 -identify an issue
Stage 2 -vote on the need to change it. (with discussion)
Stage 3 -vote on change options. (continual discussion)
Stage 4 -vote on additional change options if more then one idea was mentioned. (systematically removing ideas)

I will be playing devils advocate. I will keep reminding you on why rules exist. you will have to weight the cause of a rule vs your own personal need for the change.

I Will update any rule aside from the player values system. (adjustments are possible but removal is not possible) I will also not adjust a rule that will conflict with another rule. To adjust a rule that conflicts you must adjust the conflicted rule first.

Reminder: Cursing or attacking a person or idea will not be tolerated. this is a calm mature discussion all childish antics will be removed.

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