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Rule Updates for Season 30 Opinion from a Vet

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1 Rule Updates for Season 30 Opinion from a Vet on Tue 16 Oct 2018, 4:05 pm


Well Hello Everyone
Cuban here...

Just needed to write a little something a few hours before the start of tonight's Season 30 draft.

Going into this season there were a few rules updated from the last time I've played and the one that jumped out at me is the games played rule:

Games Played
If a player plays less than 15 games in the regular season, they will receive the following penalties:
1. There will be a salary penalty in their next season.
2. They will not be eligible to play in the Playoffs that season.

Maximum Playoff games per round will be allotted by games played during the regular season. The qualification is as follows:
15-17 games: 2 playoff games.
18-20 games: 4 playoff games.
21-23 games: 6 playoff games.
24 + games: 7 playoff games.

Now the 1st part i agree with...i have made this suggestion to Plisk a few seasons back due to GM's not getting players their minimum games played in a season and playing their best lineup 

The issue for me is the playoff games rule

to me this might as well be called the
"hey if you cant play 9 a week you are screwed" rule

as a vet i know guys post their availability based off other league commitments and then work and personal life. 

how is this fair to players who can't play 9 a week and post that they cant but yet are punished 

there needs to be a weighted system to this

the 9 week guys should follow the new rule as posted
but players who post  for 3 to 6 a week maybe it be 

9-12   games: 2 playoff games.
13-16 games: 4 playoff games.
17-20 games: 6 playoff games.
20+    games: 7 playoff games.

you cant make players who are saying they can play 3 to 5 games a week be told they can't play but 2 playoff games when they should be eligible since they met the required amount of games played from what they said they were available

Honestly this shouldn't even be a rule if there should be anything that needs to be looked at and rules made for are how GM's trade guys during the season and stack other teams 

but hey i'll let the rules committee and the Boss man take that up on their spare time. 

Rant over
Good Luck to all the GM's drafting tonight


Awesome buddy, Thank you for the feedback.  I'll try to give you some food for thought, and perhaps another way to look at this. Actually before i do, after reading the league announcement again i might be able to bring peace of mind right away by stating that when it says you only get so many playoff games, is not total playoff games, it is actually #games per series.  if you thought we meant total games, then take a sigh of relief that we are not that insane and go back to what you are doing because the remainder of this post will be irrelevant to you. ok still with us? damn... fine here we go!!

calling it a
Cuban1616 wrote:might as well be called the
"hey if you cant play 9 a week you are screwed" rule

might be a oversimplification.  I do not believe this to be true.  the reason is because even if you play ONLY the min amount per week for the entire season you will get 15 GP, this will convert into 2 games per series.  we feel this is enough due to the way the league breaks down league min.  we play 9 games a week and expect 3 from you.  if we played 12 we would expect 4, if we play 6 a week we expect 2.  the same logic goes into playoffs.  we can only play a Max of 7,  and this is max.  obviously we know most series end in 4-6.  2 games is lots in a single series.  people who sign up can play +2 of their registration.  they have the potential to play 5 games a week,  5 games will get you 7 games per series.  even if they average 4 games a week that will get you 20 gp and net you 4 playoff games per series. 

now on to stage two of this logic, there are 4 types of 3 a week guys.  The “i hate this team trade me guy” the “i put other leagues first then will destroy in the playoffs guy” the “im only available on (insert day) guy”  and finally the “sorry i can only schedule you for 3 cause these other guys have great chem guy”.   The first two can keep walking for all i care. The last two is the two that need protecting in my opinion.    So lets talk about the last two.  The guy who isnt clicking with anyone.  Your only giving him 3 a week because of various reasons.  right now he is only owed 1 game per series. Forget the fact he can play 2 total,  the truth is if he was not fitting in to play more then 3 a week on your team, i really dont see you turning to them for a strong playoff push and giving them more then 2 anyway.  As a Gm do you think you will play him more then 2 times? No?  Yes?  Ok so if you do. Then how will that work?  Oh now you gotta toss him more season games.  Now he feels more included on the team. Thats a good thing to me.  not only does he have to give you more as a player, to give you everything he possibly can without dicking around and having multiple weeks where he just decides he wont bother showing up.  Who cares they dont need me, i only get 3 a week anyway.  now he will still give you his all because he cant afford not to.  on the other side of the coin, as a GM.  you might think to yourself.. shit im gonna need this guy.. i better start sending him a few more games this season or its gonna be a tough playoff run looking for ecu's. 

The other guy, the "i can only play monday's guy"  if he can only play monday all season or (insert day) all season. it likely isnt gonna change magically come playoff time, and if it did... well i think a few guys can smell something funky.

with that said.  here are a few reasons for this new rule.

- Players post for 9 and still only give 3 based on where they play.
- players only the bare minimum or cause FF all season to keep their values down then play all 7 games and dominate the playoffs.  this causes a very unfair balance in the league.  Obviously salaries are not based on playoff performance because only half the league makes the playoffs and it would not be an accurate salary.
- Forfeits come because people choose to commit elsewhere.  if you can play a game somewhere else and watch your team FF then we do not believe you have the desire to be here.  If you can not commit to the league when it needs you then it will not commit to you when you need IT!!
- the "oh im only a playoff guy" is not going to exist anymore.
-if players bust their ass all season getting you to the playoffs, making sure they are always there for the team always ready to fill in for missing players,  truly showing love and respect for the league... those guys are the ones who need to be rewarded, not benched the min playoffs come around simply because hot shit playoff guy is now ready to play SP games. 
-the last point is not shitting on the legit 3 a week guys.  legit 3 a week guys we are very grateful for the limited time you can offer us, but like i said before in reality if you are a legit 3 a week guy, then this new rule wont impact you in the slightest, especially when each round of the playoffs is 1 week long.

thank you for taking the time to read this. good luck tonight!

SPNHL President and CEO.
Jack Adams Award Winner.
King Clancy Memorial Award Winner.
William M. Jennings Award Winner. x2
Maurice Richard Award Winner.
Art Ross Award Winner.
Lady Bing Award Winner.
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