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SPNHL players association

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1 SPNHL players association on Thu 07 Dec 2017, 7:39 pm


Hello everyone,  We want you all to have a committee that will represent you.  We want you to know you have a voice and want you to be heard.  I am asking for anyone who is interested in being a player rep to please post a message below stating that you have interest and a short message letting people know why you are the person to represent them.   I will post a vote in 1 weeks time and we will give 5 people the role.    we will then hold an additional vote to name the head of the PA.  This person will be elected to be your voice and will be the person working closely with me to make changes in areas that need it.  (Disclaimer: value system wont change).

the committee will hear your concerns and will discuss it together and vote on the need for a change.  the head of the team will then bring it to my attention.   any major changes will be implemented in the following season. smaller ones right away. 

a few times per season we will hold a approval rating vote on the committee performance.  then during offseasons hold a vote to keep or remove one or all members of the current PA if they are not doing what was needed.

With this i will also announce the plans to hire a disciplinary committee.  If you apply for and are accepted for the PA position then you are no longer permitted to take part in the DC. i will hold both Committee votes on separate times to allow everyone a chance to do either.

So again please post about any interest you have on being part of the SPNHLPA.   I ask that if your account is not the same as your PSN that you state your PSN name so we can identify you.

SPNHL President and CEO.
Jack Adams Award Winner.
King Clancy Memorial Award Winner.
William M. Jennings Award Winner. x2
Maurice Richard Award Winner.
Art Ross Award Winner.
Lady Bing Award Winner.
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2 Re: SPNHL players association on Fri 08 Dec 2017, 10:42 am


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Hey, guys vote MON3Y! for Executive Director of the SPNHLPA! I wanted to give you guys a voice that can be heard, A face, an entity. As Director I would use all of the tools at my disposal to provide us with a respectable, fair and efficient process to bridge the gap between players and the league. I believe the synergy between the SPNHLPA and the SPNHL can and will be huge, I will do my best to represent all of you and provide all of you with a forum so no one is left out. Keep in mind that as an SPNHLPA candidate it is my duty to prove to all of you my dedication to this league and I think besides my awards for productivity on the scoring sheet I also covet two awards that exemplify me best, the Jennings trophy followed by this year's Clancy award. This shows my dedication to not only preserving the image of this league but pushing the boundaries of what we can accomplish for years to come. So If you guys want to be heard about all of the things we always talk about in games or between that we always wanted to see come to light here's your chance, because a vote for a vote for you.

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3 Re: SPNHL players association on Fri 08 Dec 2017, 2:10 pm


What up guys and gals . I'm also applying for a spot on the PA as the AST Executive Director side of things. If anyone knows me I'm always about the people and what we can do to make this league better in everyway for the league and its players. When it comes to ideas or concerns or questions I get lots of messages and I do my best to answer them or give advice on how to proceed with any for me and for the people that know me I won' sit around and not take action I will do what I can to help any team out and make things happen . So if u peeps want a voice to be heard u know I'm one of the right guys to vote in to make things happen. And I've also been in this league since season 18 so I've seen alot and learned alot and have shown my dedication to this league. I could go on about awards I've earned or cups or Jack Adams president lady selke or all star appearances but it' not about my accomplishments it's about the people and there voice and ideas and concerns. Ask pliskin the owner of this league I give him heart burn lol Wink  So vote for me for a spot on the PA team.      

Lady Byng award SPNHL 18 
All star Eastern team SPNHL 18
Self appointed Rookie GM of year SPNHL 18
All star Eastern team spnhl 19
Jack Adams award sp 19
Stanley Cup champions sp 19
Selke Award sp 21

4 Re: SPNHL players association on Tue 12 Dec 2017, 3:14 pm


I use my brain put me in the pa

5 Re: SPNHL players association on Tue 12 Dec 2017, 4:18 pm


Fuck it, throwing my hat into the ring. I'm interested.

*insert unnecessarily long pitch here*

6 Re: SPNHL players association on Thu 14 Dec 2017, 1:03 am


Seems like fun sign me up also my name isint Niner lmao has to give me some brownie points in this league lol

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