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Sony Playstation Hockey League » Thoughts or suggestions » New Rookie Rules

New Rookie Rules

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1 New Rookie Rules on Wed 04 Oct 2017, 1:12 pm


I'm following up Iachoku's post with a fairly major suggestion for new rookie and GM rules. The goal here is to incentivize the drafting of rookies in a form that more closely mirrors the NHL, while giving GMs a new tool to strategically assemble their rosters.

I'm happy to help organize an inaugural version of this for Season 27.


A mandatory Memorial Cup tournament is played two weeks ahead of the SP draft. All games are streamed and saved to the SP homepage.

A round-robin with four teams (24 total participants) facing each other once. The top team in the round robin will automatically advance to the final, the team placing fourth is eliminated from contention.

The playoff is completed and awards are given to Best Forward, Best Defenseman, Best Goaltender, and Tournament MVP. Statistics from the tournament are subsequently posted.


GMs will not be mandated to draft a rookie in any round, but all rookies drafted MUST be Memorial Cup participants. This guarantees that all GMs have the opportunity to see every available rookie entering the league.


A rookie is guaranteed to a team for TWO seasons, without the need to resign, with a max cap hit of 0.50 over those two seasons. Players can still get traded during this period. If in season one a rookie defenseman or forward finishes top 10 in scoring, or a rookie goaltender finishes top 5 in sv%, their second season salary automatically increases to a max cap of $2.5M. Entering season three, rookies are subject to normal league salary and resign rules.

2 Re: New Rookie Rules on Wed 04 Oct 2017, 1:38 pm


I like this idea, but what if not enough positions are filled for the cup? Say very few goalies apply, is there a stand-in?

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3 Re: New Rookie Rules on Thu 05 Oct 2017, 7:29 pm


I like this idea. Definitely something to consider 
Get the GMs from the final 4 in SP regular season playoffs to run the teams and draft their rosters

4 Re: New Rookie Rules on Thu 05 Oct 2017, 9:00 pm


I've always supported the idea of sort of modifying sophomore salaries, but rather than keeping it at .5 for 2 seasons, I've suggested making it a percentage, say 50%, of what their salary would've been otherwise. So if a rookie earns himself an 7m price tag, it gets reduced to 3.5m for their second season.

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