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Season 26 mock draft

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1 Season 26 mock draft on Mon 02 Oct 2017, 7:49 pm



SPNHL Season 26 Mock draft

Please remember while you are reading this it’s just a mock up and none of this is what has to happen. If I did another all of the picks would probably be different. This is also has of 11:30 PM on October 1st, so any trades after this may have changed some thing around. This is personal opinion, don’t take anything the wrong way. If you disagree, make your own article.

1st Overall Pick: St Louis Blues(El Rookie)
Prediction: Sedinpower RD $9.00
Description: If you look at the blues roster, el already has 6 guys on there, himself and 5 resigns, however there are 5 forwards and only 1 defenseman. El has the cap space, as he only needs to draft 4 guys to reach the 10 player minimum and has $24.50 to work with. In my opinion this pick is a no brainer. Sedin is solid and can stop the rush and put up points as well.

2nd Overall Pick: Pittsburgh Penguins(Brownsvillesoja)
Prediction: Smashngrab LD $7.00
Description: Browns has himself, cookieman, and kinglyme already, so his team needs defense. Smash is the next best defenseman available after sedin, so this pick should be a no brainer as well. We always have to put into consideration that this is browns and he has turned some heads with his decisions in the past, and could pull some random name that nobody knows.

3rd Overall Pick: New York Rangers(Kozmo)
Prediction: vxWoytkiw8xv LW $7.50
Description: Woy is very easily a top 3 forward available in the draft, and don’t forget he also excels in the defensive aspects of the game. Koz already has mxster who I believe will be a candidate for ROY, so woy can get more reps at forward where we all saw him play phenomenally in lg last season.

4th Overall Pick: Toronto Maple Leafs(Mansel)
Prediction: Bipolorbear $7.00
Description. Mansel already has some good forwards on his team due to resigns and early trades, so getting a goalie than can play 9 a week is key. Seems like every season mansel registers as forward but always gets stuck in net too often, and he is a good enough forward that when he plays, his team should be winning. Bipolor is also a good enough goalie that mansel shouldn’t have to worry about ever benching him

5th Overall Pick: Chicago Blackhawks(Fivepointohhh)
Prediction: OG_KJ-_- LD $6.50
Description: Look at his resigns, he already has hartysauce and stonerboy, 2 guys that always put up points and are top forwards in the league. Fivestar is probably better at defense or goalie, and getting OG shores up that defense even more. With those 2 up from you needs guys to get them the puck, and OG shouldn’t have an issue with that.

6th Overall Pick: Las Vegas Golden Knights(Sergein/Pliskin)
Prediction: Bstieboydp C $7.00
Description: They already have their starting goalie, and boutch or serge could easily hop down there and play defense with way2goal, so picking bstie makes the most sense. He can score and is a top center in the league. Look for him to be near the top of scoring at the end of the season.

7th Overall Pick:Ottawa Senators(Dirty Trix)
Prediction: Dynasty1989 LD $6.00
Description: Trix is starting the draft all by himself, there’s literally nobody else on the roster. He’s a good enough forward that he shouldn’t have to worry about getting immediate scoring help, so getting some solid defenders would be a smart place to start. Dynasty plays smart defense, and also chips in well on the offensive side. He could very easily be in Norris conversations if he gets the right amount of playing time.

8th Overall Pick:Dallas Stars(Avng)
Prediction: Redconcept G $6.50
Description: Avng already has 6 guys on his roster with $24.00 cap still left to work with. If you look, he has 3 dmen and 3 forwards, all he needs is a goalie. Red has good availability and is capable of making the saves when his defense in front of him makes mistakes

9th Overall Pick: Boston Bruins(pistolpete)
Prediction: monokuuu RD $5.00
Description: Pete is a great forward, and he already has his starting goalie in JMLpatriots, so getting a dman to anchor the back end is key. Insert monokuuu. He has great availability and can keep up with everyone else in the league. Did I mention he only has a $5.00 cap his as well?

10th Overall Pick: Ottawa Senators
Prediction: Thatoneshot22 RW $5.50
Description: With dynasty at ld, trix needs another forward that can get him the puck. This pick is more contingent of what trix values more, scoring or goaltending? There’s enough goalies in the draft that he should value scoring, oneshot is a good, playmaking forward that can get trix the puck and they could very easily be a 1-2 punch that most teams won’t be able to stop

11th Overall Pick: Montreal Canadiéns(Irishpitbull)
Prediction: Fishhure LW $5.50
Description: Irish is on defense this season, and he already has clutch upfront so why not add more scoring punch to the offense? Fish is capable of putting up big numbers and in his 10th season of sp is still searching for that first cup win. He has received scrutiny in the past for his “selfish” style of play, but when a guy puts up 3-4ppg, turnovers shouldn’t be an issue.

12th Overall Pick: Los Angeles Kings(mrlolchico)
Prediction: Dafoumanchew RW $7.50
Description: Dafoumanchew aka qcpoutine is more known as a goaltender, but he is also a dominant forward. Chico will be the #dman on this team, and with u12bme at lw and yourmudder in net he’ll most likely look to add some forwards to his team. Don’t forget, they are both French so they probably already know each other.

13th overall pick: Pittsburgh penguins
Prediction: Rickrage C $5.00
Description: Browns already has a top dman with smash, so its time he gets a center to finish off that 1st line. Rick isn’t the #1 center in the league, but he’s more than capable of playing a good, 2 way game while helping put up points as well

14th Overall Pick: Colorado Avalanche(Eggman)
Prediction: jhonny_phonny G $6.50
Description: Egg already has his top forward line set with resigns, and watchurstep_uga only played a handful of games last season so getting Jhonny to play goalie as well is the right move. He’s a top goalie capable of carrying teams at times.

15th Overall Pick: New York Islanders(seedoftavares)
Prediction: N/A
Description: not including myself so people don’t think this is biased or something. I also don’t want anyone knowing my plans

16th Overall Pick:Calgary Flames(sportsgeek)
Prediction: Nowelbaby LD $5.00
Description: With true and redflag upfront, sports doesn’t need another forward just yet, and sports is also in net so this team really needs a defenseman. Nowel can do a really good job at ld and is a #1 dman on most teams

Summary of the first round:
1st - Sedinpower - STL
2nd - Smashngrab - PIT
3rd - Woy - NYR
4th - Bipolorbear - TOR
5th - OGKJ - CHI
6th - Bstie - LVK
7th - Dynasty - OTT
8th - Redconcept - DAL
9th - Monokuuu - BOS
10th - Oneshot - OTT
11th - Fishhure - MTL
12th - dafoumanchew - LA
13th - Rickrage - PIT
14th - Jhonnyphonny - COL
15th - N/A - NYI
16th - Nowelbaby - CGY

The next round I will just put players and teams, descriptions are unnecessary

Round 2:
17th - xHac_Rambo - CGY
18th - Sgtvandoos - ANA
19th - turdburgler - COL
20th - triggatrey - NYR
21st - xtailsy - LA
22nd - Appler - ANA
23rd - Bruiser - OTT
24th - grippinq - BOS
25th - lemollz - PIT
26th - dangles4days - OTT
27th - sliyumshady - LVK
28th - snakepliskin - CHI
29th - murphy87 - BOS
30th - jamie14benn14
31st - vezzy - MTL
32nd - rancher - STL

Thanks for reading

SPNHL President and CEO.
Jack Adams Award Winner.
King Clancy Memorial Award Winner.
William M. Jennings Award Winner. x2
Maurice Richard Award Winner.
Art Ross Award Winner.
Lady Bing Award Winner.

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