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Late registration drop in or free agent drop in's

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To Admin,
I have a question.  I have a friend that is an active military member.  He is in the Navy and has been out to sea on a ship at the time of registration for season 17.  Now he is back and would love to play and I'm sure would've been a high round pick had he been here.(check his stats)  Is there, and if not, why isn't there, a way that a rookie(or anyone for that matter) can drop their name into free agency that way they can get in the system and may potentially get picked up based off their stats?   I'm asking this because this gentlemen is a die hard NHL player with excellent stats and he would love to be part of this league, not to mention we're still prior to the start of the season. In fact I'm so confident of his abilities that i would offer up my own roster spot to him if it were allowed and it were the only solution.  Please let me know if there is any late entry policy that could be implemented considering there are still league members on free agency, what's wrong with enlarging the pool?

Thank you for your time!


Also as with most things in life, some exceptions may be made based off certain circumstances, military, death in family, medical, etc., included.


His name is:  navy_chief_2008



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the short answer is no, i am sorry.  not yet. i will open FA if we run out of FA.  but at the moment i can not let him into the FA pool.

The longer answer is because players in the past would abuse that option by hiding from the league until everyone had spent their cap except the team they were wanting to play on.  they would show up and stack a team without giving any other team the option to get them.  We start the season with all teams having an even shot at all players on the board.  they trade, plan and execute tactics to ensure the best that they can get from the people who are registered.  Allowing a player to join after would be unfair to them.   as for your friend if what you say is true, my condolences. however i dont know him. and to avoid sounding insensitive i do not know how much of that story is true.  regardless i have already turned down many late people.  If he is as good as you say he is, then that only extends to what i was talking about.  sounds like all teams would want him but allowing him in now with some team completely broke would be unjust.

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That story is 100% true, but its totally understandable of what you said and respect that decision

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Okay, excellent, and thank you for the response.  We'll be sure to let him know when the next registration is open.  Thanks again!

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