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1 SPSN POWER RANKINGS on Mon 21 Dec 2015, 5:29 pm



With an 8-1 start to the season and leading the league with 16pts, Nashville is currently sitting on top of the League. Now you may think that it would be superlative offense that would be leading the way for Nashville, but it’s probably their all around defensive playing style that has the Predators winning games. They currently hold on to the least GA in the league with 20, have the most SH goals with 4 and fall behind only 10 sec with most TOA in the league. Nashville has had solid goaltending from Seedoftaveres holding onto an eligible League best 2.00 goals against average, with his fellow dman At Ezzz holding a bolstering plus 13 rating and 10 pts. Look for Nashville to continue their winning ways in week 2.
{D} At Ezzz 10pts +13
{LW}-Jeff0012 10g 3a 13pts
{G}-SeedofTaveres- 4wins 2.00GAA

 2.  Tampa Bay Lightning:
Following a 7-2 start to week 1, Tampa has shown the league that they mean business. Currently sitting in 2nd in the SPNHL, the lightning have been taking names and scoring goals. Leading the league in goals for and TOA, Tampa comes into week 2 as a dangerous scoring threat both regular strength and on specialty teams. Specialty teams seem to be the Lightning’s strong suit, holding the best pk in the league at 86.3%. Winning face-offs is also a huge contributor to Tampa’s league leading TOA holding a 65.25% FO percentage it’s hard to make plays when Tampa is winning the face offs and controller the play in the offensive zone. Tampa is also getting help from Toslick with his 14g and 22 pts, who are looking to carry the scoring load averaging 3.7 ppg. Cafia30’s 9 pts, and plus 17 has also helped Tampa on the back end keeping the puck free and clear of Jhonny_Phonny, who is also contributing to Tampa with 7 wins 1so and the leagues best .822 sv%. Look for Tampa to continue their scoring defensive presence in week 2
{RW}-Toslick 14g 22pts
{D}- Cafia +17
{G}-Jhonny_Phonny .822sv% 1so
3.  Washington Capitals:
Washington was a force in week one, keeping teams on their heels every game they played. Lo-Maximus has come out of the gate as the Caps all-star, currently leading the league in points with 26 and 63 hits in 9 games. Trivium-23- hasn’t slowed down one bit after winning a Stanley Cup with the Kings last season, holding a 3.8 ppg avg with 15 pts. in 4 games. High point production seems to be keeping the Capitals in check, as the Capitals goaltending reflects a different story with Jays_M8’s .751 sv% and 4.13gaa coming out of week 1. Jay will have to turn it around in week 2 if the Caps have any chance of going against high scoring teams. The Capitals should be able to continue their pt production as long as the goaltending follows suit
{RW}Lo-Maximus 12g 26pts
{LW}Trivium-23- 15pts 3,8 ppg
4.  Los Angeles Kings
L.A. has started off better then last season after going 2-7 there first week last year. This season with their 6-3 start, the Kings have had some ups & downs during week 1. Two 8-1 losses came last week at the hands of the two current basement teams in the western conference, the Colorado Avalanche and the Chicago Blackhawks. With L.A. losing some of its Stanley Cup roster this season to free agency, the Kings are looking to rekindle they’re past glory with defensive team play and great goaltending. Now the Kings have weapons on there team, Cowering Panda is 2nd in scoring with 11g and 23 pts, sitting 3 back of the lead. Triix is still living up to his old name by coming in strong with 16 pts but sitting at even. DougCBJ is also a player returning from there Stanley Cup squad putting up 12 g and 5 a in his first week stint. L.A. will be looking to stop the high scoring games against them if they look to return to being the top team in the league again.
{LW}-Cowering Panda- 11g 12a  23pts
{RD}- Diirty_Triix_13- 13a  16pts
{RW}-DougCBJ- 12g 17pts
5.  St Louis Blues:
The Blues have been hovering the last week, one game they are dominating and not so much the next. Class Act playing his game at LW sitting 3rd in scoring with 22 with a 3.7 ppg avg is def helping this team get some much needed offense. The Blues first SPNHL game didn’t go so well only to forfeit against the Nashville Predators in their debut game in the league. Pulling two wins against the Avalanche and a blowout win against Chicago seems to have provided the confidence boost St Louis needed to return as a future contender in the early playoff race. As the newest team in the league, the Blues have something to prove, Oriolerules44 will have to give his team a chance to win every game going forward to help this club gain success.
{LW}-Class_Act_27- 14g 22pts 6gp
{D}-Utonate- 14pts 12 hits
6.  Colorado Avalanche:
After posting a 3-4 record in week 1, Colorado is still a team without an identity. The Avalanche is in the midst of proving they can be a contender in the league but aren’t doing all of the right things to get there. Pucku33 is currently a blaze in the offensive defensemen category leading all defensemen with 14 pts, IvanthyGreat is also a top 10 forward posting 18pts in his first week with the Avalanche. Fanofbilickihair will need to turn his game around; first week for him was one he probably wants to put behind him, posting a .689 sv% and a 4.08 gaa with 3 wins and 6 losses to his record. Colorado is currently a mediocre team who's looking to change that.
{D}-Pucku33- 10a 16pts
{LW}- IvanThyGreat 11g 18pts
7.  Montreal Canadiens
The Habs seemed to be off to a brilliant start, going 3-0, only to go on a 5 game losing streak after that. Adding insult to injury they lost 11-3 to the Blackhawks last Friday in an event I hope they are quick to forget. The Canadiens will have to turn it around this week if they want to stay in the hunt for contention, and Killer4lyfe & El Rookie will have to help turn this sinking ship around quickly. rHurricane8 is one of the best goaltenders in the league, his rebound controller and puck tracking is second to none in the league. I’m sure he can find a way to shut other teams down and help his core players get the job done.
{RW}-Killer4Lyfe- 13g 17pts
8. Chicago Blackhawks:
We have heard of the woes that came with being a Chicago Blackhawk this week, but it seems there is life in Chi-Town. After starting the season 0-5, and losing the GOTN to the Kings, it seemed Chicago was destined for a potential mid season rebuild. It seems the winds are changing in the windy city, posting 3 wins along their way with an 11-3 shellacking on the Montreal Canadiens Friday. Could this be the motivation boost that changes things around? Jayscott seems to think so, posting 18 goals in 8 games with the hawks and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The SPNHL all-time scorer seems hungry, not something the other 9 teams want any part of.  Xtracgts07 has also been contributing with his 14pts, only thing he will need to turn around is the -1 he currently hold as a defensemen. All in all things are looking up for the Hawks, I suspect they will not be in position 8 next week as things look like there going up.
{LW}-Jayscott555 18g 22pts
{D}-Xtracts07 14pts
9.  Toronto Maple Leafs
The Leafs are in limbo, having lost man games in the first week, they need to find a way to get the team back on track. Hopefully acquiring Clowe770, Navy_Chief_2008, DJtml and the much talked about 5 million dollar man The Appler to their lineup will help the team change face. This shake up could change the face of the team as we know it. The Leafs will look to rebuilt the franchise in the second week and show us what type of team they really are, until then, we cant really say much about them as a team because it seems the real team has just arrived in the 6. We’ll see if they have what it takes to move up the rankings.
{RW}-The Appler
10.  New York Rangers
What a week it’s been for the Rangers, the losing streak, to Spud quitting the team and the cloud that loomed over the big apple. Things are changing in NY, new faces have arrived and are ready to take responsibility of this franchise and turn it back in to a contender again. With new signings like, BuzzKill48Fan, PistolPete7788, Freedo, Lay24 and Joiridz, the Rangers have a new identity and outlook in the league. It will be interesting to see what takes shape in the coming weeks for NYR, im sure with a gm like Gohawks keeping them on their toes, good things are just around the corner.
{C}-KillerRampage 9pts 3.0 ppg
{D}-Lochoku 5pts
Stay tuned right here and on SPSN Radio for your official SPNHL POWER RANKINGS…


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