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1NYR vs OTT series Empty NYR vs OTT series on Mon 18 Nov 2013, 1:00 am


With the 2nd preview up I had the chance to speak with Chomper and Minorthreat about there upcoming series. 1st off we spoke with Chomper on his thoughts of the upcoming series.

You're going into this playoff as the lowest seed how do you feel not being the favorite for the 1st time in 4 seasons?

I like the challenge.  I don't think the regular season standings matter all that much really.  Once you make the playoffs, anything can happen.  Having the #6 pick in the draft instead of #12 isn't such a bad thing either.

Some people say after Laplante you don't have the scoring to keep up with teams?

People say a lot of things.  The last 2 seasons I had all the scoring in the world and we came up short so what people say doesn't mean that much to me.  If Rush and Dead play the way I know they are capable of playing, we will have plenty of scoring.

How do you about the hemmer and jeff combo if they do play the vast majority of games?

Ive never been too worried about any forwards in this league so this combo is no different.  If we play solid team D, we will be able to slow them down enough to win games.

They say the defence could be a problem if tspence plays more then Secondary?

Again, people can say what they want.  Spence has more rings than a handful of these people that are saying things.  Spence has been shaky at times, but he listens better than most in this league so Im not worried about him adjusting.

How do you feel about the G and D of Ottawa?

Their back end has been solid all season so we know we will have to provide a bunch of pressure on them to be successful

And lastly do you think you have the team to regain you crown this season?

If we play the way we are supposed to and don't panic, overreact or get frustrated, I absolutely feel we have a team capable of winning it all this season.  Defense wins championships and imo, we have one of the best D pairings in the league with Blanket and me.

Next I caught up with minorthreat about his thought regarding the upcoming series against the NYR.

Going into this season playoffs your the number 1 seed in the east, your taking on a team who has always found ways to succeed in the playoffs how do plan on stopping that?

No doubt the Rangers have had a lot of success in the playoffs over the last few seasons. I think the key will be to play smart hockey. support each other well and limit our turnovers we will put ourselves in a position to be successful in every game.  

Big question is surrounding hemmer and jeff playing time in these playoffs how do you feel about that?

Both Hemmer and Jeff have made themselves available for playoff games.

With the lost of stamptheflames and outsider being questionable do you believe you have the depth to get through this tough series?

Outsider isn't even questionable. He sold his Ps3. 
Stamp is out on vacation I think. He was a big part of Jeff and Hemmer's this success this season. He does the right things, and makes smart decisions. He is great hockey player, and I think people under rate him. 

Chomper and Secondary are very capable Dman do you think the forwards of Ottawa will find ways to get through the wall they set up?

Those two have definitely proven their mettle in game situations. I think this relates to your first question. Just making smart hockey plays and not giving them anything easy will put us in a position to win every game. 

Finally Do you think that this series is going to come down to offence or the goaltending battle?

Neither team has any depth, so it's just basically going to be the best 6 against each other every game. I think it's going to be a tight series all across the board. Whichever team is able to execute their game plan better will be in great shape throughout the series 

I believe this series will be the most exciting to watch this post season. Good luck to both NYR and OTT may the best team win.

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